Leerpark Dordrecht is located in the geographical heart of the municipality of Dordrecht. Over the past decade it has become an area where innovation and sustainability are paramount. At Leerpark you not only find educational institutions, small and middle large businesses but also homes, a café, restaurant, hairdresser, mechanic and many other organizations and facilities. Leerpark Dordrecht is quickly developing into a vibrant area where students, teachers, workers, residents and visitors meet and interact on a daily basis empowering Leerpark ‘s vision on social sustainability. It’s the people that make this place!

Leerpark Dordrecht is an innovative neighbourhood in the making. It is a ‘weconomy’ that encourages collaborations between businesses, cooperatives, educational institutions and small communities.

At Leerpark we are not about possession, but about access to each other. We seek connections. To us a sustainable future is all about working together, about making it happen together. Whatever ‘it’ may be.

Inspirational meetings
Leerpark is rapidly developing itself. We are currently starting new building projects to accommodate more residents, the number of students is growing and getting more diverse – we teach people of all ages and ranks – and we are happy to announce that more and more people find their way to us.

Leerpark + works because it is more than the sum of its parts. It flourishes thanks to inspirational meetings that connect people one to another. At Leerpark, inspiration is cross-pollinating!