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What is “Leerpark Dordrecht”?
Leerpark Dordrecht is a quickly developing vibrant neighbourhood located in the geographical heart of the municipality of Dordrecht. Over the past decade it has become an area where innovation and sustainability are paramount. At Leerpark you not only find educational institutions, small and middle large businesses but also homes, a café, restaurant, hairdresser, mechanic and many other organizations and facilities.

Where is Leerpark Dordrecht situated?
Leerpark is situated close by the provincial route N3. It is also easily accesible by car and public transport.  Please note: for navigations systems: Sometimes the street name “Leerparkpromenade” in Dordrecht is not recognized. In that case, you can best navigate yourself to “Maria Montessorilaan” in Dordrecht.

Why has Leerpark been build?
The schools and city council of Dordrecht believe that education can only match with the skills that companies seek, if we combine studying with working already during the years of education. That’s what we do at Leerpark. Bring these two worlds together.

How many people live at Leerpark Dordrecht?
In 2015, people are residing in the two hunderd houses and apartment that have been built.  Two hundred more houses are being build at the moment, besides new facilitations such as a supermarket.  

How many student are gaining education at Leerpark Dordrecht?
In 2014/15, about 10.000 students are learning AND working in the schools and companies at Leerpark Dordrecht.

How many choices do I have for education at Leerpark?
Too many to count. Da Vinci College itself already offers 180 different education routes.